Darkening Skies

First Session

In our first session the PC’s found themselves in the same tavern getting their drink on when a couple of thugs dragged a young girl outside. The PC’s followed the thugs and learned that the girl, Maya, is an Acolyte of the Goddess Sarenrae, and the thugs thought they could turn her in for a bounty. After chasing away the three men easily, the girl implored the PC’s to come stay at the now almost abandoned Temple of Sarenrae in the decaying temple district. She tells them that she was waiting for a man named Knoxx to meet her at the bar when she was attacked. Supposedly, knoxx had some way to stop the spread of Zombie Rot throughout the city. When the PC’s go to Knoxx’s house, just outside the temple district, they learn that he is in fact a fallen Paladin, sometimes known as Knoxx the Paladin, or Knoxx the Fearless as a way to poke fun at his fall being supposedly due to cowardice.
Knoxx has taken on the roll of healer in the absence of clerics and tells the party that if he can acquire an item called the Shroud of Antilife, he might be able to use it to remove the disease.
Upon fighting through a swarm of fire elementals, the party came to the burial chamber to find a cleric by the name of Cypress and after fighting him and his bone horror, Cypress tells the party that he was summoned there by the Horned God through a prophetic vision. He reveals that there is no shroud, only a mask. The mask, Cypress thinks,is one of seven artifacts, each said to represent a certain demigod or figure and says that this mask is called the Seraphim Mask that represented the mercy of Sarenrae and it once had the power to perform miracles but has long since lost its magic. He says that The Green God gave him visions of a great evil being unleashed and that it is somehow causing the blight in the city. He tells of a legend of an ancient druid who lived in this area hundreds of years ago who lured a great evil into his grove to destroy it, but the druid was overwhelmed and just as the Hell Beast was about to strike him down, he used the last of his power to sink his grove into the earth, sealing both himself and the devil there forever. Cypress suspects that someone has unearthed that very same grove and is using whatever evil lurked there to further his own goals. Cypress suspects some of the nobility in the city as being the culprits, saying that this smacks of the god Sithhud and is likely being brought on by one of his followers. He encourages the party to help him by finding out who in the city is responsible, as he had fled the city himself and was trying to plan his course of action from the outside. Cypress gives the mask to the Party to take with them.
Upon getting back into town, the party heads back to the temple of Sarenrae ransacked, the second acolyte missing, and Maya, huddled terrified in a corner muttering about her friend’s kidnapping. Knoxx comes to meet the party and says that he will take Maya from the city, and he will try to get invitations to his acquaintance, lord Arturo’s party. Lord Arturo holds these kind of events regularly, mostly to keep up with the going on in the city and surrounding regions. Arturo is a merchant by trade and makes his money by freighting goods around the continent, so is always on the lookout for new merchandise. The arty heads to the market to sell some of their goods to make their cover of being art dealers believable after giving the Seraphim Mask to Knoxx so that Knoxx can see if it can be of any use.
The party made a splash in the market district and game ended with Knoxx coming to deliver the Invitations to the party.



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